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Kalicharan lives a middle-class life with his unmarried sister. He meets with a young woman,both fall in love with each other, and get married. Since Kalicharan is a honest man, who refuses to accept nor give any bribes, which brings him in the bad books of gangster Bhawani Singh. When Singh puts pressure on Kalicharan, there is a showdown, the police are involved, resulting in the arrest of Kalicharan. In prison, a new Kalicharan is born - who calls himself Kaalia - and whose main motive is the destruction of Bhawani Singh. When Kaalia is discharged from prison, he finds out that Bhawani is now a Member of Parliament, he accordingly plots to kill him and does succeed. What Kaalia does not know is that Bhawani has a brother in Pratap Singh, a man known for his ruthlessness, his power, his contacts within the police and Ministerial staff, and who will not rest until he has finished killing Kaalia, his wife, and sister.

Directors : Sunil Bohra
Actors : Mithun Chakraborty, Dipti Bhatnagar
Langauge : Hindi
Genre : Action
Censor Board Rating : U/A
Release Year : 2008
Studio Name: Bombino Video
DVD subtitled in English
Format : VCD,DVD
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