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One Man Band -1

One Man Band -1

Toy : One Man Band -1

Description : Finger-tapping fun and exciting musical exploration for the entire family. Set Tune-a-Saurus on a table and start tapping. You can't see them, but there are 6 note and beat zones around him, and where you tap determines which note or beat you hear. Tune-a-Saurus turns the vibrations from your tapping fingers into sound. Kids and grown-ups can't stop playing with this delightful toy. Rex can tell where you are tapping around him - hear a new sound when you tap in each of the six zones Different play modes for instrument sounds, singing, giggling, and silly sounds Make your own music, or just have fun with lots of crazy combinations


Product Category : Infants/Preschool

Product Subcategory : Infants/Preschool

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Manufacturer Suggested Age Minimum (in months) : 3

Manufacturer Suggested Maximum Age (in months) : 3+

Battery Required : No

EAN NO : 8007076310332

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