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Pre-Independence India, on the cusp of freedom; suspicion, pent-up ire, religious fervour fills the air… and then the unthinkable happens… a dead pig is found at the steps of a mosque in Jalalabad, propelling a frenzy of violence that engulfs scores of Hindu, Muslim & Sikh lives in ravages flames. In spite of the best efforts of the well meaning from the warning communities to salvage the situation, the spark soon morphs into a huge, wild fire that draws into the fragile communal situation. Bestiality prevails as man slays man with all the brutailty in him. Tamas, throws light on how communal prejudice can scar generations of lives throwing them into a bottomless abyss of physical and psychological agony recovery from which is slow and excruciating.

Producer : Freni M. Variava, Lalit M. Bijlani, Govind Nihalani
Directors : Govind Nihalani
Actors : Om Puri, Deepa Sahi, Amrish Puri, Bhisham Sahani, A.K.Hangal & Dina Pathak
Language : Hindi
Genre : Drama / Classic
Release Year :1986
Studio Name: Blaze Entertainment PVT. LTD
Format : VCD,DVD
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