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Say Salaam India
Say Salaam India
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The story begins with introducing the four boys Viru, Mahi, Shakeel and Guri and their milieu and how they fight their circumstances and lack of resources to pursue their fervor for Cricket. From here the story moves on to an elite school; 'Royal Heritage', in the state capital. It is here that we meet the protagonist of the film, Hari Sadu; a Cricket Fanatic who believes that gully Cricket is to be played with a similar commitment as any other level of Cricket. His new job is to coach the Royal Heritage team to win their sixth state championship, but he faces a stiff opposition to his coaching methods by the headstrong and arrogant members of the school team who are more impressed with Sachin’s Ferrari than his batting skills and hard work behind it.
The boys are talented but don’t have the passion and the discipline to match Hari’s ideas. This results in a lot of situations which add to the already simmering tension, leading to a final showdown where Hari Sadu is wrongly accused and is thrown out by the board of members. He’s replaced by Harry Oberoi, who is more of a suave fixer from the Cricket world than a coach, but suits the image and profile of the school.
Hari Sadu gets home determined make a local team to take on the cudgel at the Inter-School Challenge. He’s helped in this pursuit by his wife Sonali and his cerebral palsy-suffering son Rustam. How he develops a Cricketing eleven from the wrestling team at the local corporation school, overcoming various hurdles to take on the Royal Heritage School at the Inter-School Challenge, is the rest of the story.

Directors : Subhash Kapoor
Actors : Sanjay Suri, Milind Soman, Sandhya Mridul
Language : Hindi
Genre : Drama
Release Year : 2007
Censor_Board_Rating: U/A
Studio Name: Adlabs Films Ltd
Format : VCD,DVD
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