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Deewana is a forthcoming Bengali film directed by Ravi Kinagi starring Jeet and Srabanti in the lead roles. Deewana is a love story of Abhi (Jeet) a funloving and popular boy from Phoolbari, a small township in North Bengal and Shruti (Srabanti) daughter of Agnidev Roy (Bharat Kaul), a dreaded mafia from Kolkata, who sends his daughter to Phoolbari on a vacation. Abhi takes an instant liking for Shruti the moment he sets his eyes on her. Gradually, Shruti starts to enjoy Abhi’s company and the fondness between them grows.

One day, Abhi finds out that Shruti is suffering from ‘post traumatic event disorder’ and she has no memory of the last three years. Upon visiting the doctor Abhi finds out that Shruti can be cured, but she might not remember anything of her visit to Phoolbari, her friends or even Abhi. Shruti is disheartened to hear this and persuades Abhi to promise her that he will never leave her, even if she is cured and is not able to remember him.

Agnidev Roy gets furious when he learns of Shruti’s relationship with Abhi and reaches Phoolbari with his goons. The people of Phoolbari oppose Agnidev. Looking at this situation he agrees to get Shruti and Abhi engaged, but cunningly thrashes Abhi at a remote place and takes his daughter back to Kolkata. When Abhi goes to meet Shruti, she fails to recognize him. She is now cured and is set off to be engaged with someone else. But Abhi, had given a word to his beloved that he would never leave her. How he tries relentlessly to convince her and what happens with Shruti forms the rest of the story.

Directors : Ravi Kinagi
Actors : Jeet, Srabanti, Biswajit Chakraborty, Bharat Kaul,Supriyo Dutta, Tulika Basu and Mausumi Das
Language : Hindi
Genre : Romance
Release Year : 2013
Censor_Board_Rating: U/A
Studio Name: Rel Entertainment
Format : VCD,DVD
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