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Movie: 1920

A devotee of Bhagwan Shri Hanuman, Arjun Singh Rathod is in love with Lisa, a Christian, who was sired by an Indian mother and Caucasian father, runs into problems with his father, who wants him to marry a Hindu. He decides to break all ties with his family, both turn atheist, get married, and re-locate to live in 1920s Bombay. The duo then re-locate to renovate a mansion in Palanpur. Shortly after their arrival Lisa suspects that there is something odd about a particular room in the mansion but Arjun dismisses this. He will soon regret this, as well of forsaking their respective religions, after he finds Lisa possessed by what appears to be a demonic and seemingly invincible male entity.

Directors : Vikram Bhatt
Actors : Rajneesh Duggal, Adah Sharma, Anjori Alagh
Langauge : Hindi
Genre : Horror
Censor Board Rating : A
Release Year : 2008
Studio Name: ASA Films Pvt Ltd
DVD subtitled in English
Format : VCD,DVD

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