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Jo Hum Chahe

Jo Hum Chahe
Movie: Jo Hum Chahe

Rohan (Sunny Gill) is a brash, cocky, ambitious, 24 year old MBA graduate who wants instant success and he’ll do anything to make that happen! He moves to Mumbai to pursue a career as a stockbroker where he meets Neha (Simran Mundi) a no-nonsense, strong headed girl who has come to Mumbai to follow her dreams, the dream of becoming a film actor.
Neha is someone who believes in love, but hasn’t given any guy a chance because no one measures up to her standards, that’s until Rohan comes along and her life changes completely! They go on a journey that intertwines their personal and professional lives where they touch the peaks of love, loss, longing, despair, betrayal and redemption!

Directors : Pawan Gill
Actors : Sunny Gill, Simran Mundi, Alyy Khan, Achint Kaur, Yuri Suri, Samar Virmani, Mansi Multani
Langauge : Hindi
Genre : Romance
Censor Board Rating : U/A
Release Year : 2012
Studio Name: Gill Pictures Entertainment Pvt Ltd
DVD subtitled in English
Format : VCD,DVD
SKU SKU176232
Our price: Rs 299.00
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