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Cape Fear 1991

Cape Fear 1991
Movie : Cape Fear 1991

Sam Bowden is a small-town corporate attorney/"Leave It to Beaver"-esque family-man. Max Cady is a tattooed, cigar-smoking, bible-quoting, psychotic rapist. What do they have in common? Fourteen years, ago Sam was a public defender assigned to Max Cady's rape trial, and he made a serious error: he hid a document from his illiterate client that could have gotten him acquitted. Now, the cagey, bibliophile Cady has been released, and he intends to teach Sam Bowden and his family a thing or two about loss.

Producer : Barbara De Fina,
Directors : Martin Scoesese,
Actors : Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, Joe Don Baker, Robert Mitchum
Language : English
Genre : Thriller
Release Year : 1991
Studio Name: Universal
Format : VCD,DVD
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