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Curious George 2 : Follow That Monkey

Curious George 2 : Follow That Monkey
Movie : Curious George 2 : Follow That Monkey

"When Curious George meets Kayla, a magician’s
homesick elephant, he decides to help her visit
her brothers and sisters in California.
But when the magician’s dogged security chief,
Danno Wolfe, becomes convinced George has masterminded
an elephant ‘napping, he begins an all-out investigation to track down the
missing pachyderm. With Wolfe hot on their heels, George, Kayla and Ted
(The Man with the Yellow Hat) travel by train, truck and even an
engineless school bus on a comical cross-country trip to reunite
Kayla with her family."

Producer : Brian Grazer, Ron Howard
Directors : Norton Virgien,
Actors : Tim Curry, Clint Howard, Jamie Kennedy, Matt Lauer, Jerry Lewis
Language :English
Genre : Animation
Release Year : 2009
Studio Name:Universal
Format : VCD,DVD
SKU SKU183472
Our price: Rs 399.00
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