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For Love Or Money

For Love Or Money
Movie : For Love Or Money

Doug Ireland is the concierge of a ritzy hotel in New York. He does what he has to to satisfy the hotel's guests, by getting them what they need; like jewelry, candy mints, and theatre tickets. He also tries to keep the manager from terminating Milton, the bellhop, who was been working at the hotel for more than half a century, who likes to think that the spirit of the hotel's founder is still around. Doug wants to open his own hotel on Roosevelt Island. Now he has saved every cent he could to get an option on an old hotel. Now he has a matter of weeks to develop the hotel or else he will lose it. But to do it he needs at least 3 million dollars and his best chance to get it is Christian Hanover. While Hanover considers Doug's proposal, he asks him to "take care" of his girlfriend, Andy, a girl whom Doug has the hots for but is constantly turned down when he asks her out, cause she doesn't want to be two timing her boyfriend, Hanover. Now Hanover is married but says that "he will divorce his wife and marry her". Doug doesn't exactly believe him but thinks that his hotel is more important and Andy can make her own decisions. But the more Doug spends with Andy, Doug is starting to wonder what is important.

Producer : Brian Grazer, Graham Place
Directors : Barry Sonnenfeld,
Actors : Michael J. Fox, Gabrielle Anwar, Anthony Higgins, Bob Balaban, Michael Tucker
Language :English
Genre :Comedy
Release Year :1993
Studio Name: Universal
Format : VCD

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