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The Haunting Hour

The Haunting Hour
Movie : The Haunting Hour

Cassie's life changes when she moves and attends a high school ruled by the most beautiful girl in school, Priscilla and her beautiful sidekicks. Priscilla immediately takes a dislike to Cassie, and soon it's a battle between the two. But when Priscilla goes missing, along with Cassie's younger brother, Max, Cassie must go on an adventure and search for them before it's too late...

Producer : Margaret Loesch, Bill Siegler
Directors : Alex Zamm,
Actors : Brittany Curran, Alex Winzenread, Michelle Duffy, Emily Osment, Cody Linley
Language :English
Genre :Kids
Release Year : 2007
Studio Name: Universal
Format : VCD,DVD
SKU SKU184173
Our price: Rs 499.00
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