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Catch 'n' Carry-Cobalion-Ultra Poke Ball

Catch 'n' Carry-Cobalion-Ultra Poke Ball
Cobalion/Ultra Poke Ball

Toy : Catch 'n' Carry-Cobalion-Ultra Poke Ball

Description : "Pokémon are captured, stored, and carried inside of the Poké Ball. This is the basic item that allows the child to re-create the experience of capturing Pokémon. The Poké Ball has a belt clip for attaching to the child’s pants and/or belt. Different Poké Balls represent the different regions from the cartoon." 1 pokeball,1 small figure,1 data tag anchored to pokedox


Product Category : Action Figures & Accessories

Manufacturer Suggested Age Minimum (in months) : 48

Manufacturer suggested maximum age (in months) : 48+

Browse Level 1 : Pretend Play

EAN NO :053941180027

SKU SKU19014
Our price: Rs 699.00
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