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BBC Best of the Wild (Wild Africa + Wild Australasia)

BBC Best of the Wild (Wild Africa + Wild Australasia)
 BBC Best of the Wild (Wild Africa + Wild Australasia)
Movie : BBC Best of the Wild (Wild Africa + Wild Australasia)

Wild Africa - Seen from space, Africa is a shattered kingdom, textured by burning sands, seas of grass and steaming forests, scarred by mountains and bejewelled with great lakes and rivers. Raw and beautiful, the ancient continent is alive with the greatest collection of wildlife on Earth. This mesmerising series examines each of Africa's stunning natural realms in turn, revealing little-known facts and showing how humans and creatures co-exist within this vast area. Wild Australasia - This epic series is a journey through time and space to explore Australasia's natural wonders. It is a detective story, delving into Australasia's hidden secrets to explain why its wildlife and wilderness are so special. As the driest inhabited continent on Earth, Australia is a world apart - a place where successive invasions of people have made the greatest impact on its wildlife and wilderness areas. Its wildlife is an astonishing mix of the surprising, the strange and the deadly. From the tropical jungle to the vast shallow coral reefs, from burning deserts to snowy mountains, Australasia is a land of outstanding splendour with a great variety of moods and landscapes

Language : English
Genre : Natural History
Release Year : 2014
Studio Name: BBC
Format : Boxset
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