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The Story of Science

The Story of Science
The Story of science
Movie : The Story of Science

Every moment of every day we live in a world created by science. But the story of how we got here is much more than a simple tale of breakthroughs, genius and men jumping out of baths shouting 'Eureka!' History of Science shows how the political upheavals of history combine with iconic inventions and discoveries, along with the ideas of great thinkers, to create the advances that have transformed our lives. Each episode starts with a disarmingly simple question that everyone asks, and then delves into the past, uncovering human stories and recreating the great experiments of the men and women who sought the answers and, in doing so, changed the world.

Language : English
Genre : Science
Censor Board Rating : A
Release Year : 2014
Studio Name: BBC
Format : DVD
SKU SKU196981
Our price: Rs 599.00
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