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Movie : Baji

Shrirangpur is a fictional village set along a coastline. The village has been protected by a masked vigilante named BAJI. Villagers in despair sent up a purple flare in the sky, signaling to BAJI that he is needed. BAJI was what the villagers swore by and one day he disappeared, thus leaving behind nothing but his legend and stories and a faint hope that one day he will return. Shot across picturesque Konkan locales, Baji is a film about mistaken identities and hidden treasures. It is an action-adventure-romance laced superhero vigilante based on the legend of a man who took upon himself to protect the common man against oppression and injustice in this small village Shrirangpur. No one knows who he is or where he comes from, but whenever the village is in peril, Baji has always come to its rescue. His sword and his white stallion live on to define him.

Directors : Nikhil Mahajan
Actors :Shreyas Talpade, Amruta Khanvilkar, Jitendra Joshi
Language : Marathi
Genre : Action & Adventure
Censor Board Rating : U/A
Release Year :2015
Studio Name: Baji Film Partners
Format : VCD,DVD
SKU SKU197682
Our price: Rs 199.00
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