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Fast and Furious 1-7 Boxset

Fast and Furious 1-7 Boxset
While Jakande pursues Brian and the rest of the team with a stealth helicopter and a drone, Ramsey attempts to hack into the God's Eye while sharing her mobile between their vehicles. Hobbs, seeing the team in trouble, breaks out of hospital and destroys the drone. Ramsey then regains control of the God's Eye and shuts it down. Meanwhile, Dom and Shaw engage in a one-on-one brawl on a parking garage, before Jakande intervenes and attacks them both, and Shaw is defeated when part of the parking garage collapses beneath him. Dom then launches his vehicle at Jakande's helicopter, tossing Shaw's bag of grenades onto its skids, before injuring himself when his car lands and crashes. Hobbs then shoots the bag of grenades from ground level, destroying the helicopter and killing Jakande. When Dom remains unconscious, the team fears that he is dead. As Letty cradles Dom's body in her arms, she reveals that she has regained her memories, and that she remembers their wedding. Dom regains consciousness soon after, remarking, "It's about time".

Later, Shaw is taken into custody by Hobbs and locked away in a secret, high-security prison. Meanwhile, at a beach, Brian and Mia play with their son while Dom, Letty, Roman, Tej and Ramsey observe, acknowledging that Brian is better off retired with his family. Dom silently leaves, but Brian catches up with him at a crossroad. As Dom remembers the times that he had with Brian, they bid each other farewell and drive off in separate directions.


Directors : Justin Lin, Rob Cohen, John Singleton, James Wan,
Actors : Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham
Language : English
Genre : Action
Release Year : 08 Aug 2015
Studio Name: Universal
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