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Lal Rang

Lal Rang
Laal Rang is the story of Shankar, a street-smart guy who lives life king size. While doing the lab Diploma Course from Medical College Karnal he meets Rajesh Dhiman. A friendship ensues between the two. Rajesh meets Poonam Sharma, a Saharanpur girl during the diploma course and they start liking each other and fall in love. As Rajesh’s friendship with Shankar thickens he finds out that Shankar runs a blood racket. He sells blood for money and has trusted professional donors who then donate blood as replacement for money. The blood bank in Charge, Pushpendra is also friends with Shankar. Rajesh gets sucked into the blood trade and very soon starts working with Shankar. Rajesh is overjoyed with the amount of money he is making from the blood trade.
But, the death of a professional donor, brings superintendent of Police, Gajraj Singh to Karnal who is now on a prowl to nail the culprits. Rajesh’s upcoming engagement with Poonam makes him greedy for money and he ends up having a fight with Shankar. Their Partnership is over. Rajesh starts selling blood independently.
However things go horribly wrong for Rajesh and his ambition and greed do him in. What will Rajesh do to come of the situation? Will Shankar and Rajesh become friends again or remain enemies?
All these questions are answered in the dramatic, emotional and heart wrenching climax of the film.

Language : Hindi
Genre : Action
Release Year : 2016
Studio Name: Reliance Entertainment
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Our price: Rs 299.00
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